Student travel grants



Student travel grants


ECTI Association (Thailand) is pleased to announce student travel grants to assist students in attending and presenting papers at ECTI-CON 2014.



  Important dates

       (Note that the grants will be given to the award recipients during the conference banquet on May 15, 2014. Please see additional conditions in an important note.) 

*** Applicants will be notified by email regarding the grant committee’s decision, all decisions are final. 



   To apply for the student travel grants, the applicants must: 


   Selection Criteria 

   Applications will be evaluated and selected by the organizing committee according to the following criteria: 

  Note that:


  Where and How to Apply

All application materials should be submitted electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In the subject of the e-mail, please indicate "ECTI-CON 2014: Application for Student Travel Grants".       

The application materials include:

1.     an up-to-date CV/resume

2.     an application letter

3.     a letter from research advisor/supervisor

4.     notification of a paper acceptance (e-mail is acceptable)

5.     notification of a successful early-bird registration (e-mail is acceptable, the name of the grant applicant should appear as the register person)

File format: all files should be in PDF format and should be enclosed in one zip file.     


The application letter should be clearly divided in the following sections/paragraphs:

1.    Describe your research interests, your plans for future research and how you will benefit from attending ECTI-CON 2014.

2.    Briefly summarize of your student status, where you are studying (provide a URL for a home page if one exists) and city you will be traveling from.

3.    Provide information about the your advisor/supervisor (provide a URL for a home page if one exists)


The research advisor's letter should be clearly divided in the following sections/paragraphs:

1.    Confirm that the applicant is currently a research student at your department/institution and working in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, computer, telecommunications or information technology.

2.     Confirm that the applicant is good standing in the department/institution.

3.     Confirm that the applicant will be attending the entire ECTI-CON 2014 events

4.     Explain the current funding status and why the applicant is in need of the travel grant.


  Important note:

  • Besides the oral presentation, all award recipients are required to present their research work as a poster during the special poster session in the morning on May 15, 2014. The poster must be setup for presentation before the beginning of the opening ceremony. Absence from this poster presentation will cancel the granted award